Refreshed and Rejuvenated

Oh, it has been way too long! As I analyze my goals for the new year, I definitely want to blog more regularly. The more I read about blogging, the more I learn that everything does not have to be perfect. In fact, many bloggers merely have an idea when they start to write.

The point is, you just have to write…regularly. Of course, you want it to be interesting, this is one of the reasons why I haven’t done it in the fall semester. But, the main reason that I haven’t blogged is because I have been swamped in my new role as the SPICE (Special People in Catholic Education) Director/Coordinator this past fall. We have customized a 2 hour per day program for two current students to aid them in the areas where they struggle the most. Additionally, in the spring (just 2 days away), we’ll be adding a third student who is currently served in our school. Yeah!

I have a part time paraprofessional who helps me to implement the plans with the students. But, I am responsible for the oversight of the program and further development. Interest in the program has increased anticipated enrollment up to 6-8 students for next school year. We will expand the part time program to full time for younger students who are just beginning their Catholic education journey.

This will allow us to hire another special education teacher and another paraprofessional. I will be able to provide oversight, write grant proposals to find donations and funding, and continue to support all of my teachers as a whole. Every school continues to have students who struggle in the classroom and we are no exception. With a label or not, a struggling student is a struggling student.

Besides, that is one of the best parts of my job… I get to be a special guest visitor to the classrooms to work with some or all of the students. I’m especially partial to math, but have spent the majority of my time with language arts students. This outreach really expands my horizons and visibility as well.

I am refreshed and really for the challenges that 2013 has in store for me. What about you? Are you ready to get going again?