Eyes on Me…Highly Effective Teaching

Debate facilitators and creativity engineers are the most highly effective teachers. You cannot fake it, they are the ones with markers/paint/(insert tool here) on their pants at lunchtime. When you peek into their classroom, you might not spot them instantly. They are not found at the front of the classroom providing a lecture for the student. Likely, they are at a student’s desk interacting, challenging, and listening to what the students have to say. Expectations are high and all students and teams have a role in the process. These teachers often don’t even check their email until you remind them. Why? Well, they are working with the kids.

Principals do not receive many referrals from these teachers, often never. The students are pawing at the door to get in and do not want to miss class. They might miss something fun and interesting (important-none the less). Kids are excited to be there and are always a captive audience in the arms of a highly-effective teacher.  The students know what to expect and can find a comfortable routine of classroom management in the classroom. The learning is student-led, teacher-directed. The technology is found in an arsenal of tools to support the learning platform. It doesn’t hinder the lessons and is transparent as the students utilize the Smart boards and the Internet.

What makes you a highly effective teacher?